Creative Writing Programs

Appreciating Writing

In our foundation course students will learn proper grammar, sentence structure, and paragraph structure as they write original stories. Art will be used to enhance the joy of storytelling. Children will take home a portfolio of completed work at the end of the session.

Beginning Creative Writing

Children will learn the art of creative writing through correct spelling, punctuation, and grammar in interactive lessons. Composition will be introduced to older students through paragraph structure.

Comic Books

A comic book is a magazine devoted to comic strips. Students will learn the art of telling a story of a character through illustrations and speech bubbles.


The art of bookmaking and illustrating books will be the focus of this week. While creating books of different types, students will infuse their stories with descriptive language, creating vibrant pictures in the reader’s mind.

Create-a-Book and Early Reading

Reading is the process of decoding symbols in order to help comprehend a written language. Early Reading students will learn how to read using interactive phonics methods. The art of bookmaking and illustrating books will be an additional focus of the program. While creating books of different types of books, students will infuse their stories with descriptive language, creating vibrant pictures in the reader’s mind.

Creative Writing

Students will learn Lekha’s time-tested methods to overcome writer’s block while writing short stories, poems, and short plays. Students will be introduced to a variety of fiction and nonfiction genres. They will progress into genre writing and learn how each genre has its own set of particular rules that drives character creation, setting, and plot.

Creative Writing and Publishing

Your child will be taught to write creatively using a blend of time tested and newly developed methods. Our model of instruction is based on Expressivist and Process pedagogies. We utilize visualization and verbalization techniques, creative play, illustration, and other low stakes writing activities that help students overcome writer’s block or any fears about writing. Students will have an opportunity to have their works published by Lekha Publishers.

Fables and Fairytales

Folktales include stories from all the genres of literature. The stories are short, interesting and filled with characters that a young child can relate to. During our program, students will write original fables and fairytales.

Fantasy and Science Fiction Writing

Dive into a world of magical creatures or travel through time! Create characters that exist only in one’s imagination or those that can only be driven by technology. This program focuses on two popular genres, fantasy and science fiction. Students will write stories in these genres.

Flash Fiction

Flash fiction is the art of writing fictional stories with extreme brevity. In this class students will learn to express their feelings with the least amount of words by getting rid of unnecesary narrative so as to make their fiction as short as possible.