High School Summer Workshops Coming Soon!

High School Essay and SAT Prep Guidance, $275

As part of this 12 hour workshop, students will learn essay writing conventions, reading comprehension skills, grammar, and vocabulary retention techniques by using Lekha’s signature methods. Students will also work on the Evidence Based Reading and Writing sections of the SAT test, while learning best methods to outline and write the SAT Essay. Lekha High School instructors are trained in Lekha methods and are experienced in teaching to the test.


Cupertino, Polygon Academy
6/17-6/27, 5:00pm-6:30pm, Mon-Thu
8/5-8/15, 5:00pm-6:30pm, Mon-Thu

Milpitas, San Jose Community College, Milpitas Extension
8/5-8/15, 4:30pm-7:00pm, Mon-Thu

San Jose, Willow Glen Elementary                  
7/22-8/02, 5:00pm-6:30pm, Mon-Thu

San Ramon, Brain-O-Magic Center
7/15-7/25, 5:00pm-6:30pm, Mon-Thu

Sunnyvale, Ponderosa Elementary School            
7/8-7/18, 5:00pm-6:30pm, Mon-Thu

Publishing Workshop, $275

As part of this 12 hour workshop young wordsmiths will be trained to become young authors. This workshop should be considered as a first step towards publishing an individual piece of work. Participants will learn about the different avenues in publishing including self publishing, traditional publishing, vanity publishing, publishing in magazines, via e-books and others. They will be given options to use the write4joy app to publish their work as e-books. Participants can choose to publish articles, chapter books, graphic novels, novels, stories, picture books, plays, or poetry chap books. Instructors are published authors and Lekha Publishers Staff.


Cupertino, Polygon Academy                                            
7/29-8/9, 5:00pm-6:30pm, Mon-Thu

Milpitas, San Jose Community College, Milpitas Extension                  
8/12-8/16, 4:30pm-7:00pm, Mon-Fri

San Ramon, Brain-O-Magic Center
7/15—7/26, 5:00pm-6:30pm, Mon-Thu

Note: All students registering for the Lekha Writing Camp will be able to use Lekha’s award winning write4joy app for free up to three months from the date of registration of their first camp. All work (plays, poetry, stories and essays), which are written during the program, will also be considered for publication in Lekha’s quarterly online magazine, Young Wordsmiths.

2018 at Lekha

Lekha came out with an award-winning writing app.

Lekha After-school Writing Classes for Fall 2016

During the school year, Lekha Writing Center offers after-school writing classes to Bay Area students in grades K-12. All classes are taught the Lekha Way, with encouragement and support. We utilize visualization and verbalization techniques, creative play, illustration, and other low stakes writing activities that help students overcome writer’s block or any fears about writing. We want every student to enjoy a positive relationship to writing.

Registration is open now for our ongoing programs. This fall, we are teaching academic writing, creative writing, and publishing classes in Milpitas and West San Jose.


West San Jose

View Schedule and Register

4/24: Lekha at Om Run 2016

Lekha will be tabling again at this year’s Om Run 2016, sharing information about our upcoming summer writing camps and bringing books to browse and purchase.

Om Run is a family event features 5K and 10K walk/run, a half marathon, and Om Mela Carnival. Om Mela includes carnival games, karaoke, a petting zoo, food vendors, raffle prizes, and more.

Join us at:

Om Run 2016

Sunday, April 24
8:00am – 2:00pm

Quarry Lakes Recreation Area
2100 Isherwood Way
Map and directions

More information: Om Run 2016 official site

New Home for Lekha’s Publishing Arm

Our new website makes it easier to view and purchase the children’s books we publish. Get to know our latest releases and old favorites like:

The Mystery of the Missing Iguana

Reading Level: Pre-K – 3th Grade

Alex and his pet chimpanzee Angelo are the young detectives of their neighborhood. When a friend’s pet iguana goes missing, Alex and Angelo immediately take on the case, and the sneaky reptilian leads them on an exciting chase. How will Alex and Angelo use their sleuthing skills to solve this mystery?

The Dragon Carousel

Reading Level: Pre-K – 5th Grade

Written and illustrated by an eleven-year-old, this book takes young readers along for a ride in the life of Lily Chen, a young Chinese American girl growing up in San Francisco, California. When Lily’s life turns upside down, will she be able to find the strength to overcome her obstacles?

The Sassy Divas

Reading Level: 5th Grade and up

The Sassy Divas is a novel about all the drama and cliques in middle school. It follows the life of Vanessa, giving you a glimpse of what being the most popular girl in school is really like. The Sassy Divas are best friends who do everything together, but one of them is about to break Vanessa’s rules. What will Vanessa do when her reign is threatened?

Young Writers Publish at Lekha

Yalda Alexandra Saii is an avid reader, writer, and a student of Lekha Writing Center, which she has attended since 2009. Yalda began writing The Sassy Divas during a Lekha class when she was ten years old, and completed it at the age of twelve. Her passion for writing is ever-growing as she writes nonfiction and journalistic pieces.

Check out Lekha’s summer writing camps at http://lekha.co/prog-info

4/16: Lekha Publishers at Bay Area Kids’ Book Fair in Sunnyvale

Lekha Publishers is pleased to invite you to the Bay Area Kids’ Book Fair in Sunnyvale. The event features books, comics, toys, and games. 

Visit the Lekha Publishers booth to view and purchase our books by and for children.

Bay Area Kids’ Book Fair, East Bay

Saturday, April 16
10:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.

Fremont High School
1279 Sunnyvale-Saratoga Rd.
Sunnyvale, CA 94087
Map and directions

The event and parking are free.

Hope to see you there.

2016 Summer Writing Camps Registration Now Open for All Locations

Lekha Writing Center presents academic and creative writing camps in Cupertino, Milpitas, Pleasanton, San Ramon, Walnut Creek, and West San Jose for students in grades K-10.

This summer, new programs include:

  • Academic Writing for the Common Core, grades 1-10
  • Essay Writing for the Common Core, grades 4-8
  • Publishing Fiction, grades 1-8
  • Publishing Nonfiction, grades 1-8

View all programs for the summer and register.

2015 at Lekha

Lekha Writing Center had over 3,000 registrations for the year and consolidated our locations into regions: South Bay, East Bay and Peninsula.