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Take Our Writing Series and Watch Your Characters Grow!

Lekha’s 10-part series, “How to Bring Your Characters to Life,” is designed to complement our Character Biography Worksheet. With in-depth lessons and activities to reinforce instruction, join us on a journey to greater depth and realism in your writing.

Part 1: Choosing the Right Name

Establish your character with a carefully chosen name.

Part 2: Deciding What Your Character Wants

Choose what your character wants and what he/she will and won’t do to reach his/her goals.

Part 3: Deciding How Your Character Views the World

Define your character’s pessimism, optimism, and realism.

Part 4: Fine-Tuning Your Character’s Personality

Determine how your character is viewed by others and how your character views himself or herself.

Part 5: Mapping Your Character’s Personal Journey

Map out your character’s “inner journey” or “character arc” in five steps.

Part 6: Making Sure Your Character is Unique

Look into phobias and other qualities that make your character unique.

Part 7: Molding Your Character’s Physical Appearance

Develop some key physical features and the personal style for your character.

Giving Your Character a Voice

Delve into your character’s speaking style and unique patterns of speech.

Part 9: Intensifying Your Character’s Internal and External Conflict

Work with your “Escalation” section of your Part 5 activity to realize your character’s inner and outer tensions.

Part 10: Tying it All Together

Prepare to get the most out of peer review of your writing.

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