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Summer Camps

Lekha Writing Center summer camps focus on academic writing, creative writing and mass communication. At locations around the San Francisco Bay Area, we serve students in kindergarten through 12th grade.

Lekha’s summer camp programs start with an academic focus and include educational word games and creative language to build language skills. Our noncompetitive environment creates a positive writing experience for our students.

We recognized the inner abilities of each child we teach, acknowledging that each has a story to tell, whether an essay or a poem. Our goal: building the confidence of each student in their writing abilities and themselves.

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The Lekha Way

Lekha Writing Center is committed to developing a generation of children who think beyond the book! We do this by teaching our students to write to school standards, but also to write creatively. We use a blend of time-tested and newly-developed methods that nurture their imaginations.

All of our instructors are trained in the Lekha Way, a nontraditional method of writing instruction that uses visualization and verbalization techniques, creative play, illustration, and other fun activities to help students overcome writer’s block and any fear or dislike towards writing.

At Lekha, we encourage students to write freely by providing a fun and nonthreatening learning and writing environment.

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